Hey guys,

Just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Chip. He turned out to be a healthy and incredible dog. The vet was so impressed by him she recommended I breed him. He's still far from that but it's worth considering. He just turned 4 months and is already 39 lbs and is starting to widen out nicely. I have a feeling he's going to wind up being as big as Tank. His markings make him a definite attention getter and I am not allowed in Petsmart without him, lol.

Thanks for a great companion!
Hector and Chip

Chip           Chip lives in CA   

 Hope all is well with you guys.
Here are some new pics that we took of Delilah y'day. She is getting so big, so fast. She is very feisty, and loves to play. She is a great all around bully. She is very stocky. We can't wait to see what she'll look like fully grown.
Thanks again for her.


"Delilah" female Olde English Bulldogge lives at TNB Kennels in AL


Wanted to touch base with you and let you know how great Titus is! He's smart and easy to train ( just a little hard headed). We've had a great time with him. He adjusted to the new environment in about two days. Sleeps all night, loves animals (real and stuffed) loves people. He even likes cats although cats don't like him! Rarely barks. He's about 25 lbs now and has hit another growth spurt. All his vet checkups have gone great. He loves going to the vet. Here are a few pics taken recently. We're thinking about showing him and are waiting for him to stop growing to see if he has the right confirmation. Thanks again for a great dog! We'll be in touch.

Jason & Tracey



Titus getting big!!

Hello Larkins, how is everyone?  We are doing great here in NJ.  Klyde is doing wonderful.  I hope the pictures I have sent come through ok, let me know if they don't.  Klyde is getting so big.  He weighed 20 lbs. on the 11th of January when we had him at the vet.  He is starting to loose his teeth, it is so cute.  We just love him so much.  As you may be able to tell by the photos he is a little ham.  He loves to run after his toys when I through them, he loves to cuddle and sleep, he also loves it when you hold him like a baby and rub his belly.  He LOVES to go on walks and I think his absolute favorite thing to do besides follow his Momma around is eat.  He is such the little piggy.
He loves people and other dogs. He is a little attention getter.  Every where we go people comment on what a beautiful dog he is.  I have had people stop their cars in the middle  of the road and ask if they can get out to see him.  They also comment what a good dog he is.  He knows the sit, stay and down commands.  He knows that he cannot eat until we tell him "ok".
He is a great dog.  We love him so much.  I never thought that I, personally, could love an animal so much.  We have had him for about 2 months now and I feel like we have had him forever.  He was a wonderful addition to our family.  Hope all of his
brother and sisters are doing well.  We would love to see Sarge if you have pics of him.  We check your website often to see how all the dogs are doing. The new puppies are adorable, hope mom is doing well.  Thanks for the Christmas card it was so cute! 
I will send more pics soon.  Take care and talk to you soon!
Danielle, Kyle and Klyde

"Klyde" male Olde English Bulldogge lives in NJ


Hi Heather and John,
Just an update moose is doing outstanding. My cousins mastiff took moose under her wing they absolutely love each other!!! He has slept through the night, in fact he sleeps longer than me! But he couldn't be any happier and neither could I...

I got lots of pictures of him and his step-mom as we call Ms Rolls the mastiff, ill get those out to you asap!

Seriously thanks you guys,  he means the world to me!
I plan on stayin in touch because we might be coming back for a pup when Magnus is ready to breed, my cousin Jeremy said it was love at first sight when he saw Magnus at your place!

Thanks again,

Moose lives in NY

Moose lives in NY

Moose - winking at you!

Hey Guys! We love our little girl, she has soo much personality, we were trying to wait until she grew a little bit to send you guys some pics, but she is now 25 lbs and very healthy according to our vet! We have called her Pyper, and she and her brother, Cooper, have so much fun together. We still feel like she's just a little pup since we see her everyday, it's hard to realize how much she is actually growing. Thanks again for everything, we wouldn't trade her for the world! We will keep sending updates!

Danielle and Joey

"Pyper" Olde English Bulldogge pup - now lives in VAPyper

thank you for our lil lug-nut ...we love him so much,he has a wonderful temperment.
He is so good with our girls...an quite the attention getter,his fav. place to go is arby's,
they always give him a treat,and outside he loves...loves ....to play in the leaves!
We also have been teaching him to find shed antlers, its going well he has found one this year so far.
hes also been to a trainer and did so well in just a couple of days that he was being used as a demonstration
dog.Our trainer could not stop giving him praise on how good of a dog he is,an how lucky we were.
so we wanted to say thanks again an here are some pics.
The killianys

Lug-Nut lives in OH                Lug-Nut                   Lug-Nut

  hey larkins, well spring looks like its here, for us anyway, sending some pic's of angel , now 5 months old. she weighs 29, lbs and 15 inches tall, doing really good, still, loving , playful and smart, she is very obedient and loves training sessions, always wants to please, she likes gentle , positive corrections/commands, unlike gyro who tends to be stubborn and needs a firm approach, they both get along great, play fight one minute, laying on top of each other the next, both love the car rides, they both go with me whenever i can take them with me, we go to school to take and pick up my grandson and angel just loves, watching all the kids come out.
thanks again.
Dennis & Family in KY


Angel lives in KY


Hope you guys are doing well. Been a while since we've sent some pics of Axel so, here he is :) He's had a lazy winter, I think we're all ready for spring!! Axel is wonderful!! Our big baby boy, LOL. You have some
cute puppies, been watching your site...good looking bullies.

Take care...
Brad, Crystal & Axe

Axel living in OH

Axel in OH

Axel lives in OH

John & Heather -
As our "LITTLE" guy, Moose, celebrates his 1st birthday - we wanted to send you a picture of him with his sister. When we came last December to pick him up, and got to meet Tank, we never could have imagined what our Big Boy would bring to our lives. We have learned that even at 105lbs, he still thinks he can sit in our laps and hide under the blankets from us. As we begin to plan a move into a house with a larger yard, we keep talking about how fun it is going to be to visit you guys again to pick-up another member of our family....if it was up to my wife we would have a dozen dogs from you.
Thank you again all that you do to promote and breed such amazing dogs.
Best regards,
Ande & Diane Holcombe



Heather & John,
I know that you haven't heard from me in a while, but I had to have Randy send you an email today because it is my birthday! I am two years old today. Please tell my papa Tank and my mama Bella thanks for having me. Thanks to both of you for taking such good care of me until I went to my forever home with Randy and Agatha. They say I take after my papa Tank because I am pushing 90 lbs., but I still tink that I am maintaining my girlish figure. My big brother Franco and I had a good summer again this year. We got to go to Holden Beach, NC again for two weeks. We got new lifejackets before we went, our old ones were a little snug. We played on the beach and in the ocean and "guarded" our beach from the deck of the house. Randy and Agatha rented a boat for a half a day. That was great fun! Franco must have thought that he was the captain because he spent most of the time at the bow. He must have thought he had to make sure that Randy was going the right direction. I was content to sit at the back of the boat and take in the sights and enjoy the breeze. Franco and I even got to go get ice cream! Nothing better on a hot day. It's probably a good thing that Randy and Agatha have to work so much, otherwise Franco and I would probably have lots of brothers and sisters because they are on your website a lot looking at the puppies. I don't need anybody else to share attention with. Hope all is well with your family. Just wanted to update you since it's my bithday. Maybe Franco and I can go out for ice cream to celebrate. Some day when your not so busy with puppies we would like to come and visit. Thanks again!
Lilly, Franco, Randy & Agatha

   "Lilly" female Olde English Bulldogge lives in OH                                                                               

Hi John & Heather, Just wanted to let you know how well Tessa and Titus are adjusting. She is the sweetest puppy and growing like a weed, she is up to 21lbs. Thank you so much for breeding these wonderful dogs, we are glad we found you guys. Will send more pics as we take them. Jason & Tracey

Hi, just giving you an update on Miss Chloe! She's 45 lbs today. We've registered her as a service dog so that we can take her anywhere. We just had to put up a new fence because she's smart enough to jump on stumps and then over the fence like the cats do. She has such a great personality and is so incredibly smart! She's a pretty good running partner too:)


I went to vet for my 12 weeks vaccine  today. I now weigh 22 pounds. Microchip also today. Yay I'm doing very well with my new family. Yes I'm very busy around the house getting into everything. My potty training is going excellent and now I'm starting to listen more.  Did I mention I'm still a big hit at the vet - I'm the big man.

Until next time!

Kiro  -  Larry & Michelle in IL

Thanks so much Heather for working with us. We also took him to the vet Friday morning and our vet said everything looks good. The vet and the staff was so amazed with him. All they talked about was his velvet coat  the richness and just the total package. Vet said Kiro was outstanding and wanted to know where we got him from. Larry did give all of the people your website😃 I knew he would. Kiro is settle down a lot that plane ride worn him out. At first he was a little shy would run to the corner but now he's walking around. Our first floor in our house is very open,I think that was a lil to much for him the first day. We have a lot of stairs leading up to the bedrooms and we carry him up until he can start climbing.

Larry & Michelle in IL

Just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Taylor (Emma). She is now completely house broken, leash trained, cage trained and I have taken her to the pet store every Friday to socialize her. I could not be prouder of her and I feel very lucky to be her dad. I took her to the vet last Saturday and she was 19 lbs., no worms and she received another shot. I will send pictures the next time I update you so you can see how she is growing.   Again thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful puppy!!!!!

James in Ohio
Again thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful puppy!!!!!

Hi Heather!
Things are going pretty well. :) Roxy seems to be adjusting quite nicely. She's gotten used to our routine, and is a huge lap dog. Never misses an opportunity to snuggle with one of us in our chair. :) She's relaxed a bit, not as jumpy... very playful... is eating well. We finally decided to switch Java to her food... so his food is half puppy chow, half of her food. Eventually, we'll just put them both on her food once he's a little older.

Java is still a bit "jealous" I think, but he is calming down a little as the day/weeks go by, and as he gets a little older.
He likes to play-fight with her a LOT, and she is very, very patient with him, but is not afraid to correct him when he over-steps. :)
We are starting some training classes with him next week, and I hope that will help as well.
Once he stops being an obnoxious teenager, I really think they'll be best buds :) she is so sweet... My mother is really enjoying her too... Java is a but much for her right now...he's so strong that there have been a couple of times he's almost knocked her down. He's 70lbs now. Can't believe he's 9 months old today!
We just love having her, and we're so thankful that you trusted her with us. I know it was hard for you to let her go. :)
Will be happy to send picture if you'd like to keep getting
Saw that Abby and Ice are having another litter... wouldn't it be cute if there was another Java in it! Shana & Ken in NYx? Would be too cute! I wish we had a bigger house and wallet... just love having the

We can never thank you both enough for Tonka!!  He really is such a good dog!  He has his moments or days when he gets into everything he isn't supposed to but we still absolutely love him!  He is like one of the kids, or soon to be kids (baby is due October 31) he likes to cuddle and comes to you for kisses before he lays down to sleep.  He has gone out on a pontoon boat with us twice this year!  He was so good thank god, I was freaking out a little though lol.  He doesn't mind the stream by us or the baby pool with a little water in it but thankfully isn't found of pools or big bodies of water!  We have been giving him a little more freedom past couple months and when we take Dominic to school and pick him up we haven't been crating him (most we are gone is 15-20 mins) so far so good so I haven't been crating him at night either.  I leave the crate open at all times and sometimes at night he still wants to go in there but is very good at night and stays in our room unless he goes to check on Dom.  Him and our cat still don't get along and I blame the cat lol.  I think it's just because she is older and out of the "playing" stage and all Tonka wants to do is play!  We have taken Tonka by my cousins house who has a pit bull a couple months older and those two just love to play with each other!!  

Anyways that's my update and we hope you enjoy the pictures!!  We are anxious  to see the new litters that are coming!!  Joe says we should get another, if we do we definitely know where we are coming but there's to much going on right now, I could not handle a puppy too lol.  Hope everything is well with you guys, talk to you soon!!

Heather & Joe in Ohio

Hello! Hope you and your family are doing well. Sorry I've taken so long to send pictures! Here is Geno. He is just wonderful with our daughter. I've attached a video and I'll forward you some pictures of him as well. Thank you for your help!

Our bullies are great with kids!!!



Hi Heather,


My husband (Andrew ) purchased one of your puppies last year – we call him Gus.  His old name was Iceman, he came from Blue Ice and Abullgail.

Anyways I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed him so far.  He is definitely a HUGE part of our family.  He absolutely loves the winter here in Alaska – I think he gets a little confused and thinks he’s one of the Iditarod dogs up here, hahahah!  He is one active little boy!

Anyways, I’ve attached some pictures of Gus for you so you can see what a handsome boy he turned into.

I will keep in touch and send more pictures in the future.

I hope all is well – and thanks again for letting Gus be a part of our family!




Hi Heather, Brick House Bullies Rock!
We have been watching your site and all the puppies are just beautiful. You guys are the best we have ever seen as breeders very knowledgeable about the pups. My lil guy is the King every where he goes. Lol he's growing nicely and he still hard headed but that's ok. He goes with me to work 3 days a week and he goes to daycare Tuesday & Thursday. We got him neuter a week ago because once he turns 7 months he could know longer go to daycare  but since he loves it we just had it done so he could keep going.
He's 45 pounds and yes he runs the house. lol yes he hates his red coat. This is our 7months granddaughter his best friend he loves her because all the crumbs she have on her hands.



Hi Heather,
Koda is doing awesome here. She is so smart and playful and great with our boys. She loves people and is so social. Her personality is that of a true actress. Sometimes she is playful, bashful, plays hide and seek and loves to snuggle. She is a people person and fits right in with our family. Even through all this snow she loves to play in it and bury her nose and eat all she can. Awesome dog!
Your Friends,
Todd and Nina



Hello Heather,
Just a quick check in. Koda is doing very well. She has been potty trained in this crazy snowy New England weather and knows to go to the door when she has to go. We taught her two commands "come" and "sit". She is so calm and the boys just love her so much. Everyone around here loves her. You do a wonderful job and we once again appreciate all the care you invested in her because it shows in her personality. Thanks again!
The Martin Family



Hello, just wanted to send you an updated photo of our dog. Our family loves her. The kids changed her name to Pebbles. I also enrolled her into a puppy obedience class at PetSmart, today was her second class and she's doing really well. I also have her enrolled into the intermediate class that begins after she completes the puppy course.




It's been a while since I sent some pictures, and Gus has gotten a lot bigger! I can't believe it's been two years since we picked him up from OH and brought him to our home! He still receives a lot of compliments when he's introduced to new people. I love keeping up with your dogges on facebook! I saw Gus' brother recently had puppies and it's unbelievable the difference in their sizes! Gus is all muscle, but he hasn't gotten too wide. We LOVE Gus and having him as part of our family!




Sorry it took so long getting back to you~ holiday season dragged on this year! Paris has a really big snuggle side to her, in fact she has a big heart, if i where on the sofa all day, she'd be right there with me. The vet calls her Angel,~
I Love Her




Just a great big thank you. It was wonderful meeting you and thank you so much for Inky. We had a perfect car ride home. He slept most of the way home, only waking up to chew his toy. He has peed on the paper as trained and also had a bite of dinner. My daughter has already dressed him up for his nap. Thanks a million

Best Matthew and family



I just wanted to send you a picture of Achilles as he has now turned a year old he is very sweet and loving. He is also as strong as an ox and has no fear of absolutely anything he is doing really well. Thanks again


Hope all is well? Congrats on your current litters. Achilles is doing great
He is getting very big he is now a little over 7 months old he is about 16 and half to 17 inches tall and his head measurement is 18 1/2 inches around. He is also weighing in at 56.4lbs now. He is all muscle I can't take him anywhere with out be stopped and people asking me questions. Once again thank you so much.




Hi Heather and John,

Just a quick email to let you know we got home fine, Giselle did very well during the trip.

She is soooo active, just doesn't stop running around the whole house! Last night I slept with her on the floor so she wouldn't feel lonely, it worked great she loves using my neck as her pillow!

Here is her just taking a nap in her new California  King. You guys did a great job she is really sweet, THANK YOU.





Hello! Just wanted to give you an update on Pebbles (Eclipse) she finished her beginner training course last Wednesday. She did really well. She already started her intermediate class, the class is six weeks long. Also this past Monday she did something really courageous, my wife took my daughter and Pebbles out for a walk. A man came out of his house to take out the trash and forgot to close the door. His boxer came running out and charged towards my wife and daughter, my wife said that when the dog was getting closer Pebbles got in front of them and raised her but and began growling. My wife was yelling at the man but he's older so he can't hear well, but he eventually noticed his dog and called it back. He apologized after but it was really awesome that she did that.



Hi Heather,

Well, Jake has been with us a bit over a week.  He got his first vaccination with us Friday with no ill effects.  He is still eating like a champ and he gained a full pound from Monday to Friday - almost exactly 4 days.  I’ve begun to watch how much food we give him quite carefully as I think he may eat himself into a coma if given half a chance.  

The weather has been erratic making housebreaking a bit of a challenge because Jake is not thrilled with the cold.  But he is doing very well for a 9 week puppy.  He has taken to his crate training quite well and he has not had an accident in his crate since Tuesday.  He’s learned to whimper to get our attention to take him out.  He is a quick study, that one.

He has an odd habit of naturally heeling with me when I walk with him in the yard - without prompting.  My plan is to get him used to the collar and leash a bit this week and try to get him to continue to heel when asked.  Frankly, I think he is a very smart and motivated to please little guy and should be quite receptive to obedience training.  We will start him in group classes on 13 May per our Vet’s advice - which is after his core vaccination regime is completed.  The goal is to get him to pass the Canine Good Citizen’s Test.  There is only one thing better than a cute puppy and that is a well behaved cute puppy!  Or as Cesar Millan says, a calm and submissive dog.

So all is going very well.  I just hope we get some more warm weather soon.  The puppies love to play outside for hours when it is warm and that sure helps them sleep well and eat well.  And I love spending the day out there with them as it makes me feel like I am in my own private episode of “Too Cute”.  Jake and Ice have become very tight friends.  They follow one another around and when one finds something, the other quickly comes over to check it out.  My two adult dogs are getting used to having bulldogge puppies around and are getting used to be crawled on.

It is looking good for our first little girl bulldogge who should be coming home with me around 15 April.  The goal is 4, two girls and two boys.  It is going to be a challenge getting these pups housebroken, but we’re learning and are refining our system as we go.  We have done OK with Ice, but are much improved with Jake.  By the time Zoey shows up we may be getting pretty good at this. =)

Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful puppy, Heather.  He’s a great addition to our family.   …john