Produced here at Brickhouse - parents are Honey & Lombardi












Brickhouse Bullies Judo TxGeez Lombardi TxGeez Gordo TxGeez Capo Evanhoffs Oreo Evanhoffs Way to go Lil Joe
What a Mugs Nicky Nick
Bear Hollers Bridgette Hermes Chopper
Hermes Daisy
Sullivans Devilla Sullivans Corky Tyson  
Abigail Mae Featherstone  
KOK Melina Matadors Goliath Peltos Leviathon  
DSK Domino  
KOK Munequa    
Brickhouse Bullies Honey UDB Sir Sirius Magnus UDB Diezel Dozer Dome Bean All Outs Yukon  
All Outs Layla  
UDB Lola Bean    
Coreylands Sophia Coreylands Pilot Oglesbys Brave Apache  
Gallants Ozark II  
Coreylands Jude Coreylands Popeye  
Coreylands Delia  
Pedigree generated by


Judo is out of our dogges Brickhouse Bullies Honey & Tx Geez Lombardi.  Some of the dogges in Judo's pedigree include:  Coreyland's Sophia, UDB's Magnus, All Outs Yukon, All Outs Layla,  Davis Max, Davis Roxie, All Outs Punisher, Dr. Frankensteins Rouge, Mason's Primo, Davis Jamie, Coreyland's Pilot, Coreyland's Jude, Oglesby's Brave Apache, Gallant's Ozark II, Coreyland's Popeye, Coreyland's Delia, Tx Geez Gordo, KOK Melina, Tx Geez Capo, Sullivans Devilla, Matadors Goliath, KOK Munequa and many more.....



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